RIDA Kitchen

Come in and eat your breakfast/lunch/dinner at RIDA Kitchen. Feel free to hang around for some post shoot drinks too.


Sample Menus

Please note these are only sample menus, our menus change daily.

Meat Menu


Berry boost smoothie DF/GF/VG/V 

Free range Poached eggs DF/GF

 Seasonal Sliced fruit DF/GF/VG/V

Smashed Avocado, smoked chili, lime GF/DF/VG/V

Homemade Granola, coconut yogurt DF/GF/VG/V

Breads and spreads DF/VG

 Dry cured Smoked bacon DF/GF


Roasted free range chicken, Rose harissa GF/DF

Braised Aubergine, white miso, coriander, chili DF/GF/VG/V

Pickled fennel, cherry tomato, sumac salad DF/GF/VG/V

Streamed Asian greens, sesame seed dressing DF/GF/VG/V


Lemon and poppy seed cake, coconut cream DF/GF/VG/V

Fish Menu


Baked Free range eggs DF/GF

Sliced fruit DF/GF/VG/V

Chia seed, barley milk, winter berry’s, toasted almonds GF/DF/VG/V

Homemade Granola, set yogurt DF/GF/VG/V

Breads and spreads DF/VG/GF

Old English sausages DF/GF


Aromatic poached salmon, Kelp, spinach emulsion GF/DF

Butter nut squash, pickled red cabbage, peanut, chili, salad DF/GF/VG/V

Aubergine katsu DF/GF/VG/V

Roasted fennel, toasted broccoli, hazel nut pesto DF/GF/VG/V

Warm Red Quinoa, Wild rice ,crispy shallots DF/GF/VG/V


Dark chocolate Marquis, walnut praline DF/GF/VG


VG = Vegan, VEG = Vegetarian, GF = Gluten Free, DF = Dairy Free

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