RIDA Kitchen + Offsite Catering

RiDa Kitchen is an off shoot of RiDa studios, offering catering services delivering a first-class experience, brought to you by our team, headed up by our talented chef Tim O’Brien. RiDa kitchen can deliver food straight to you, whether that be on location or in a studio, specializing in catering for a wide variety of cliental, tailoring each menu to specific requested dietary requirements. Our services include food drop offs, live cooking on site and also having the ability to host events at our base in Haggerston, with a fully functioning licensed bar and dining area. 


Sample Menus

Please note these are only sample menus, our menus change daily.

Meat Menu


Free range baked eggs DF/GF

Mixed Berry, crunchy oat, coconut yogurt pots DF/GF/VG/V

Long sliced House smoked salmon, Dill, lemon GF/DF/VG/V

Smashed Hass Avocado, chili, spring onion, coriander DF/GF/VG/V

Breads and spreads DF/VG/GF

Cumberland sausage DF


Slow cooked Dexter Beef shin, roasted heritage beets   DF/GF

Grilled harissa aubergines, crusted chickpea herb yogurt DF/GF/VG/V

Spelt, Haricot bean, cherry tomato, cucumber, parsley salad DF/GF/VG/V

Steamed spouting broccoli, confit garlic   DF/GF/VG/V


Oat milk, raspberry, green pistachio, syllabub DF/VG

Fish Menu


Free range Poached eggs DF/GF

Seasonal cut fruit / berries DF/GF/VG/V

 mushroom and rosemary Hash browns GF/DF/VG/V

Overnight oats, cox apple, blue berry’s, maple syrup DF/GF/VG/V

Breads and spreads DF/VG/GF

Old spot bacon DF


Pan fried salmon, chimichurri sauce DF/GF

Butter milk crusted okra, wild rice, spring onion GF/V

Mung bean, pickled onion, baby gem, crispy corn salad DF/GF/VG/V

Chard mixed greens, Romesco dressing DF/GF/VG/V


Lemon meringue tart DF/VG


VG = Vegan, VEG = Vegetarian, GF = Gluten Free, DF = Dairy Free

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